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"Enhance your child's Concentration, Observation, Visualization, Imagination and
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FREE (no obligation) Parents Information Session for Opportunity Class / Selective Exams... Entry by registrations only
Highly Recommended for Parents of Children Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 5

Highlights of the session:
  • ‘High Performing Students’ Unit’ Information
  • OC / Selective schools listing
  • Application Process / Key Dates during the year
  • Selection Decision (Making correct choices)
  • Subjects for Tests
  • Scoring Procedure Explanation
  • Exam Result Outcome and Next Steps
  • Expectations from your child
  • Useful links Q & A
No children allowed in the room as this session is parents oriented only. We apologize for the inconvenience.


“Thank You very much XXXXX for organising such an informative session for the parents. It indeed is very useful. You are a star“ - Attendee Saturday session 2018

“Session was really very helpful. Thank you so much for arranging informative sessions” – Attendee Friday session 2018

"Personally I felt this was a great session full of relevant information that I will be able to use. The presentation highlighted some key areas and important processes around G&T, OC and Selective classes which I was unaware of and the information shared will definitely assist me in planning better for my child. It was definitely worth every second of the time spent in the presentation." - Attendee Saturday session 2017

"The session was truly very helpful and detailed. Personally I did not have much information about competitive exams. Thanks a lot - Attendee Tuesday session 2017

"Thanks for your time too for sharing the valuable information. Its really helpful." - Attendee Saturday session 2017