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Learn our “Rocket Maths (Vedic Maths)” course and become master in Mental Calculations“ in 6-8 months (Year 4 to Year 8)
About us

Mental Math Abacus Australia is a division of Mental Math Abacus USA which aims at making the art of  learning mathematics a fun and easy way for kids in the age group of 5 - 12 years.  Abacus program is a wonderful opportunity to promote intellectual growth in any child. In our experience Abacus helps boosts self confidence in academic, students do not feel forced to participate in the program.

In our program students use one of the famous Abacus tool called Abaci, a calculation tool primarily used in parts of Asia for performing arithmetic processes. The Abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is now widely used by various people (students, merchants, traders and clerks) in world over For Example : USA, Canada, Middle East, China, Japan, India, and the list goes on......

A key highlight of Mental Math Abacus  is to have a "Full Brain Development" of all the participants, which is achieved by maximizing the use of Right side of the brain. Over the years it has been  a well known fact that majority of the population uses only the Left side of the brain for regular day to day activities, leaving the Right side of the brain under-utilized  and under-developed for the most part. Over the years, Researchers  have proved  that it is the left brain which is responsible for logical, numerical, analytical, sequential facts and remembrance whereas right brain is the one responsible for the developing the sense of color, music, imagination, senses, rhyming, visualization, pattern and overall thinking. Out Mental Math Abacus program focus on maximizing the use of Right brain and there by coming up the with the winning formulae of making full use of the human brain, which in turn helps students excel in various facets of life i.e. academic and non-academic alike.

The sole proprietor and instructor of Mental Math Abacus Australia has a deep passion for teaching and has a strong belief of imparting education in a fun and easy way. She comes from a strong academic background of Gold Medal in Bachelors of Science Degree (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry) and Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electronics stream. On Professional front, she possess 11+ years of worldwide experience in field of Information Technology, Technical Trainer and support for Corporate environment. We ensure every student in either of the courses is completely comfortable and confident in every mathematical calculation in their term. To Sum it up, We absolutely love to teach and help shape the little precious Gem's of ours  !!!

We are a proud Abacus family and it is my absolute pleasure to highlight that all the students in our existing elementary and advance course are able to perform small and large number calculations in few seconds without the use of calculators or other devices, they are developing a strong sense of friendship and team spirit with their other colleagues, showing signs of very healthy competition i.e. where they try to outdo each other but at the same time celebrate the success of others, full of enthusiasm and energy when coming for their abacus classes and improving their academic performance.
With Mental Math Abacus Everyone's a Winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!