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I really appreciate for the outstanding engagement and excellent progress in teaching despite all the challenges.
Parent: Thursday Batch
Hearing the word 'Math tuition' my daughter was very hesitant at first. But to my surprise, it turns out that not only does my daughter enjoy Ms Xxxxxx's classes, apparently she's doing quite well too. I am extremely happy to see how fun mathematic could be - from Xxxxxx own words “I wish I could go to Ms Xxxxxx's class every day and not have to go to school!" - Ahahaha some wishes
Parent: Thursday Batch
I would like to pass on my personal comments, XXXXX enjoys his ABACUS class and we have seen good improvement in his 2nd session Term 1 2017. Both, you and other staff are doing a great job, keep up the great work!.
Parent: Tuesday Batch
Thank you and your team for the coaching, abacus is helping XXXXX to do well in Maths at school. He is in high level group for maths in year 3. As a parent we can see that Abacus is assisting XXXXX with his learning.
Parent: Thursday Batch
The paediatrician tested xxxxxx on the 50th percentile for Maths in mid- October (2014). He retested her this month (March 2015) and she was on 75th percentile. He was astounded. He runs a large city practice seeing about 15 kids a day with learning issues. He had never seen such a large improvement in such a short time (thanks to abacas rules…xxxxxx knows them and can apply then to general maths)
Parent: Monday Batch
“Mental Math Abacus” has provided my son the tool to add/subtract up to 99 with his fingers (a tool always at his disposal). The abacus has also enhanced his confidence that maths is possible. Top compliments to Ms Arpana for her dedication, patience and teaching passion
Parent: Friday Batch
My daughter really enjoys learning abacus. Every week she shows me the new techniques she learnt that day. One time when our neighbour asked my daughter what her favourite subject is, and she answered that she likes math. I'm happy to see not only her math is improving but also her confidence is building up thank to Mental Math Abacus
Parent: Monday Batch
Hi, my daughter is in the Thursday class in Toongabbie... She is doing pretty well these days compared to when she was not going to abacus with Ms Arpana...Rather than talking of the abacus system which everyone teaches these days, I would recommend to learn abacus with Ms Arpana, through which you can learn not only maths but also a sip of dedication towards her students development, her commitment in conveying the communication with the parents and above all the quality of teaching. Having said that, most of the parents want more than the fees which they are paying, so they keep asking about their child's performance and their work in all the classes, which will be replied by Ms Arpana without any sort of discomfort or dislike.

While I sit down with my kid to see her performance or how she is doing, in our home, I use a calculator and my child doesn't.

I totally recommend any child to learn abacus through Ms Arpana.... Your money and time is worth, and above all your child is happy. Parent: Thursday Batch
Abacus classes have certainly improved the knowledge of maths and ability to count/read/add/subtract/multiply the numbers. xxxxxx don’t often miss the class. As parents we are happy for xxxxxx progress to Level-5 within 12 months. Thanks to Arpana for her constant support, guidance and feedback.
Parent – Saturday Batch
Ever since my daughter attend the Mental Math Abacus, I find her math really improve a lot. Thanks to a friend who recommended me to this program. I am very happy with Ms Arpana's teaching techniques and thanks for building my daughter's confidence too. I really recommend anyone to try Mental Maths Abacus.
Parent: Monday Batch
I'm agree with all the parents daughter a very quiet the beginning I'm not confident with my daughter, but ends up she really enjoy it this teaching...thank you for all the passion to teaching our kids.
Parents – Saturday Batch
My son has been attending Mental Maths Abacus for about 18 months now and still really enjoys the program and each lesson with Ms Arpana. His maths and speed has also improved a lot. I would highly recommend this program for any child and would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Arpana for her patience, dedication and great work.
Parent: Friday Batch
You are doing good in abacus. I am very happy and satisfied in my son xxxxxx practice in mental maths. He has gained his speed in maths comparatively before. But only thing is he cannot practice the same pattern for longtime. Anyway you are giving a good practice to him. I am wishing you to do your best in future
Parent – Tuesday Batch
I totally recommend anyone whose children find mathematic lessons challenging to try Mental Math Abacus Program. My daughter started joining Ms Arpana's classes early this year after i found out from parent teacher's meeting that she was a little behind with her math work in school. Hearing the word 'Math tuition' my daughter was very hesitant at first. But to my surprise, it turns out that not only does my daughter enjoy Ms Arpana's classes, apparently she's doing quite well too. I am extremely happy to see how fun mathematic could be - from xxxxxx own words "i wish i could go to Ms Arpana's class every day and not have to go to school!" - Ahahaha some wishes!
With my daughter's increased comprehension and speed, i find this also helps empowering her confidence in class. Initially knowing my daughter's active behaviour (this is the girl who does sommersaults between pauses in a piano class!) i was a little worried about how she would handle an hour of math work (or how her math teacher would be able to handle her!) but that was not a concern at all. I am so glad to find that Ms. Arpana strikes the right balance of fun and authority in her teaching technique which i think require a special talent in itself ('too much fun' or 'scary teachers' can be hindering to a child's learning progress in its own ways). Joining Mental Math Abacus is definitely one of the best education decisions i've ever made.
Parent: Elementary Batch
My boy started with Mental Maths Abacus just over 3 months and it helps improve his maths skill tremendously. Thanks for Ms Arpana's great efforts and wonderful teaching. We love abacus.
Parent: Advance Batch
As a hardworking mum, I don't have enough time to help my daughter in her homework. Because of math abacus she has improved a lot in her studies and has more self confident. Thank you for helping my child-
Parent: Advance Batch
I like Mental Math Abacus because, you can count to 99 on your fingers instead of just 10. And on the Abacii you can count till more than 5 digit numbers"-
Student: Age 6
Inspite of being sick: My son's response was, "I am going to maths tomorrow. If I'm well enough for school, I'm well enough to go to Arpana's!" Thanks for making it so fun for him.
Parent: Elementary Batch.
Being a working parent, I don't have much time to look after my daughter's studies. She hardly had any interest in Maths or in doing her school homework. After joining Math Abacus classes, in just few months time, she has become more confident now. She doesn't need any help for maths and needs very little help for doing her school homework. Thank you very much Mental Math Abacus Australia for such a sincere efforts and developing interest in my child.
Parent: Elementary Batch
My daughter (age 6) was always good in studies. Looking at her progress, we decided to enrol her in Advance Batch(age group 8 to 12 yrs). I feel very proud to share that in just 3 months time, she is giving a good competition to the older students in her batch. This is a real easy and fun way of learning mathematics. What an amazing course indeed!!!
Parent: Advance Batch
Mental Maths is a roaring success: My son asked me to ask you if he could please go to Arpana's everyday, not just Tuesdays. I explained that you don't have classes everyday.
So even though he finds it very hard to sit still, and is often distracted, he really loves it. Thank you so much. All the best.
Parent: Elementary Batch